Cap'n Shebang~ (etacanis) wrote in waywardmixes,
Cap'n Shebang~


1. Join the community or you will not be able to post your challenge entry.
2. Your mixes must be made for this community.
3. Sign up to participate! Claims will be on a challenge-to-challenge basis and will be explained when you do so.
4. Voting will happen on two categories; music choice and artwork.
5. Entries can be posted either in your personal journal/community or here. If they are on your personal journal they must be left public until voting is over.
6. Check out other member's posts; leave them comments. Support your challenge-mates!
7. No restrictions on music selections (though do give warnings if they are needed), but keep album artwork PG-13.
8. That said, homophobia, racism, sexism, etc will not be tolerated so please refrain from using music with derogatory lyrics.

If there are further questions, refer to the [FAQ].
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