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Guide: Commenting (or, alternatively, how to find something to say).

To start this post off, I just want to assure you guys that we absolutely do not expect anyone to comment on every single entry. That would be crude and unfair of us, especially considering we don't hold ourselves to that standard. What we would like - because it is a rule and because it's only fair to everybody else who participates and comments - is that you comment on at least two or three mixes per round. We understand that real life can be difficult, but this is entirely in the interests of everyone else.

That said, we acknowledge that it can be hard to find something to say about mixes. 'I loved it!' sounds canned and repetitive. It can come across as insincere, though I'm sure everyone values comments of any kind. Because I try to comment on every mix - because this comm is my baby and I especially appreciate people who enter and make it what it is - I know this especially.

In case you are interested in commenting more, but want to sound sincere, I've written a kind of ~guide~ to finding something to say.

So, let's get this party started. This guide assumes you don't know a thing about the fandom, because, lbr, we could all find something to say about our fandoms :P

Now, there's always "sections" to fanmixes that you can comment on. Some of these are specific to this comm:
- The art (and the details of it - font choice, layout, etc).
- The introduction to the fandom (waywardmixes specific - how useful did you find it?)
- The song choices/lyrics (can you relate the song choices/lyrics to the explanation? Heck, do you recognize the songs? Do you particularly love one?)
- The presentation of the mix (have they used gifs, tables, different fonts, is it well layed out?)

We'll use a mix by my beloved hbics as an example: This Persistent Little Voice.
It's a great mix to use right now, because no matter how many times she tells me to, I've never watched the show and therefore I know very, very little about it.

Now, I can easily comment on her art. I love her style and always have, especially it's simplicity. That right there is something I can comment on - I could leave a comment saying "I love your art! It's so, so gorgeous! I really love how simple you keep your covers, it's so different to my own style and one I wish I could emulate". In fact, my actual comment was "IF I HAVE NOTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD, I WANT THE ABILITY TO MAKE ART LIKE YOU DO." :P

Depending on how much time I have, I could easily add onto that. I could mention that her introduction to the show made me really want to watch it. That I'm now intrigued by this character, that I want to know more about her. If I was running short on time, I could leave a simple comment mentioning how much I love her art. You don't need to write essays, a simple, well thought out comment can mean something to people. Even if you just point out that you love the font they've chosen, that's something that shows you're actually paying attention to their mix and not just copy-pasting the same generic comment.

If I wanted a super simple comment, I could easily just say "I love the way you've positioned the text on the back cover! :)". It's personal, and maybe it'd make her smile - maybe she'd found that text really frustrating, or maybe she just really loves comments. I know I really appreciate comments that mention specific things, because half the time people seem to pick up on things that left me wanting to scream (back covers >:|) and that makes me feel better.

As an aside, I've got a couple of methods of finding the time to comment on entries. Firstly, I try to comment on at least one mix every day. Even if I don't have the time to listen to it, I'll find something to say about the mix. This eats up less than five minutes of my day. Secondly, when it comes to mix voting, I go through all the entries. This is time consuming, this can take 30+ minutes. I do this for two reasons - to comment on mixes I've missed and to refresh my memory before voting.

However, that is my choice. Even if you comment on one mix a week, we'd - and other members of the community - would appreciate it.

I think that really sums up my method of commenting. If you'd like more examples, we'd be more than happy to come up with some for you. If you have a different method, feel free to share it in the comments ♥ As always, private questions and concerns can be directed to the contact-a-mod post. We value and appreciate any opinions or thoughts you share with us :)
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