Into the Spider Verse - Trio


Do you have a favorite decade that you wish you could have experienced?
Is there a soft spot in your heart for period pieces? Do most of your favorite characters wear a crown?
Here's your chance to show us.

1. There are no claims this round, but you must sign up with a comment if you wish to participate.
2. All mixes must be at least 8 songs long and include front & back covers.
3. The challenge officially begins on the 1st of April. You may not post your mix until then.
4. The posting guidelines can be found here. Follow them when posting!
6. If you submit a mix for the round, you must also vote for the round.
Failure to do so will result in an ineligibility to submit a mix for the following round.
7. We will be closing sign ups only if we reach 50 participants. We are currently at 9/50.
Please make sure you've read both the rules and the FAQ.

DEADLINE: 25th of April
Voting will be up same day or as soon as possible.
Into the Spider Verse - Trio

Voting: Round 33 → Nominations

→ This is the place to nominate the mix that stood out to you, in regards to art and tracklisting.
→ You are not required to nominate a best overall mix, you can choose not to.
→ Please give a reason for your nomination.
→ Do not nominate yourself or ask others to nominate you.

Into the Spider Verse - Trio


→ Vote for your THREE favourites
→ Please do not vote for your favourite character or show. Give everyone a fair chance.
→ Do not simply vote for your favourite songs/musicians, vote for how well they fit with the mix.
→ Please look over all the entries before voting.
→ Do not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

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Into the Spider Verse - Trio


→ Vote for your THREE favourite artworks
→ As you can see, there is one number per front + back cover. You vote for them combined.
→ Please do not simply vote for your favourite character, pairing or show. Give every entry a fair chance.
→ Likewise, do not vote based on your favourite songs/tracklistings, there will be a second voting post for that.
→ Do not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

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Into the Spider Verse - Trio


If you'd like to know what the reasons were behind any nominations or mix votes you got, please comment to the appropriate thread and I will PM them to you. Voting was a little different this round, so there are no reasons to send out, but if you have any questions at all about the voting process or the results feel free to PM me!

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Michael links lip

Round 33; Tolkien's Legendarium- Mairon

Fandom: Tolkien's Legendarium
Subject: Mairon (Sauron)
Title: Serpentine
Warnings/Notes: I really wanted to do a Mairon mix since I'm really obsessed with him at the moment. Only, I couldn't pick just one trope. So each song represents a different trope, but they all represent different aspects of Mairon. Also, FYI, my shipping preferences rather show here. I ship Mairon with both Melkor and Celebrimbor. There is a lot of metal in this mix because the genre suits Mairon, but there are some other things in here too.

front cover

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