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Theme #27: Promptfest

So here's the thing: we all love ficathons. You leave the prompt you wish to see in the world and someone writes fic for it. That's essentially this round, but with mixes. Why shouldn't us mix makers have some fun?


1. There will be no claiming this round and no signs ups. Anyone is welcome to participate;
the community has open membership and once you've joined you will have posting access.
2. We please ask that you leave no more than three prompts in a row.
3. For this round you may post minimixes! All mixes must then be at least 4 songs long and include a front cover and a tracklist.
4. For this round you may also make more than one mix. Fill as many prompts as your heart desires!
5. The mix cannot have been previously posted. Completed WIPs are allowed.
6. There is however no rule against giving recs that you believe are similar and/or fill a prompt.

Your prompts should look something like:
"[FANMIX/MINIMIX] fandom - subject - prompt"

So, for example:
[MINIMIX] agents of shield - skye/mike - i believe in you

(We've changed them slightly for this round.)
[[MORE]]To facilitate posting each filled prompt should be submitted to the community as a new post. This allows those who want to the ability to code their posts the way they choose. You may post directly to this community or link from your own
journal or tumblr.

The following must be included within the post:
- subject line of your new post should look like: "Round #; Fandom - Subject"
- this form should be filled out at the top of your post:

- the front cover so we get an idea of what your creation is!! we recommend you resize it to 250x250, but otherwise we aren't too picky about how you format your post.

The following should be posted below the lj-cut or in your entry post.
- a cover (back artwork is recommended, but not necessary)
- a tracklist must be included in your post, along with a link to your mix [see below].
- lyrics within your post are encouraged

The mix itself.
- can be uploaded either as a .zip/.rar file, as an online playlist (8tracks is best as spotify is geo-locked) or individual tracks.
- if you prefer one medium over the over (8tracks playlist as opposed to a .zip folder, for example), feel free to include that in your prompt.
- if you have any more questions, feel free to ask us!!

DEADLINE: NEVER!! Feel free to fill prompts for as long as you'd like, although we will stop pushing them through the queue when the next round goes up on July 1st.
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