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What is waywardmixes?
It is a challenge community for mixes of the likes of what 20in20s are for graphics. What we mean is that sign ups will open a few days before the start of the month, you pick a claim if one is required for the round, and then you will have twenty days to make a mix that fits the monthly prompt/category. Voting eventually ensues. As mix making involves both cover artwork and song selection, voting will be held on both accounts.

How does waywardmixes work?
+ Sign ups usually go up in the five days before the first of the month. They start the 1st of each month and are due by the 20th of the month unless otherwise indicated
+ You will be given a theme or a prompt which you will use to produce your mix. Certiain rounds may call for specific claims, but it will always be indicated in the sign up post itself.

+ Mixes must be made for each challenge. If you happen to have a WIP that fits the criteria, we won't say no so long as no part of the mix has previously been posted.
+ To be eligible for voting, each entry must have a minimum of 8 tracks, cover and back artwork, a track list and adhere to posting guidelines. Lyrics are enoucraged, as they make voting a lot easier. Some way of listening to your mix must also be present (this can be, but is not limited to, zips, 8tracks, spotify or youtube playlists).
+ Artwork MUST be resized to 300x300 pixels if it is outside a cut or link.

+ Will be open for approximately 10 days, or until all those participating have voted. There will be one voting post for the mix itself and one for the artwork.
+ Please listen to the the mixes before voting. Do not vote for yourself, and give each mix a fair shot on both criteria. Do not simply vote for your favourite paring, character or show.
+ 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, Mod's Choice as well as the occasional Special Categories will be given.

Don't worry, we'll remind you of the challenge/voting rules in the sign up and voting posts.

What can I make mixes for?
Anything! So long as your mix still firts the particular challenge or round, television, movies, comic books, television, books, etc. are all fair game. Some themes by nature may exclude certain media, but unless otherwise indicated... make one for anything you'd like.

I don't feel comfortable sharing music on the internet. Do I have to add a zip/rar file for my mix?
You do not. Whatever format you feel comfortable with is good, so long as others can listen to your creation, however it still must conform to posting guidelines.

Real life caught up with me; I did not have enough time to finish my mix.
We understand. Real life catches up with us too (in fact it did for a while). What we do ask is that you let us know before the round closes so that we are not waiting for your entry. There is only a consequence for not finisihing a mix happens if you haven't told us.

Aww, I missed the sign ups. Can I still participate?
Yes! Sign ups won't close unless we reach a 50 participants. However, you do not get extra time if you sign up late, so keep that in mind if you do so..

Why is it so important that artwork outside cuts and/or links is resized to 300px wide or less?
It vastly improves the readability of the community. Not only does it shorten the loading time of the page, but it also makes it much more visuably navigatable when people who are curious about what we do here want to peruse our old posts.

I have a super interesting prompt idea and I want to tell you about it!
Please do. You can submit it to the theme suggestion post here.

What's the stance on spoilers?
Any spoilers for episodes of shows aired in the past two weeks must be warned for and put under a cut. The same goes for spoilers about films not yet released on DVD and books that have been out for less than a month. If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to ask.

Can my comm affiliate with yours?
Sure! Just comment to our affiliate post, and we'll let you know.

I still have a question about something not addressed here.
Ask away in the comments. One of the mods; either ohcaptain or hbics will be by shortly to answer your questions.

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