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!Posting Guidelines

These guidelines must be followed when posting or cross-posting to this community.

Subject line:
It should look like: Round #; Fandom - Subject
You do not need to do put your mix title in the subject line, as you will be putting it in the post iself.

The following should be present above the link to your post or lj-cut:
The following text should be present:

And then your cover artwork should follow, resized to 300x300 or 250x250.

There are a few things that need to be posted under the cut or in the linked post:
The following should be posted below the lj-cut or in your entry post.
- Cover artwork with a title, and back artwork with a tracklist. We don't really care what size as long as it's not too big or too small. Use your judgment.
- A tracklist and a link to your mix.
- Lyrics are encouraged. It helps people with voting.
- You need to post a short blurb or description of your character within your post. This is to ease the voting process and so those not familiar with the fandom can better understand your mix.

The mix itself:
We are open to  aren't really going to police how you share your mix, so long as it is accessible. Do what you are comfortable with.
You may either upload a .zip or .rar file or create your mix on a playlist using 8tracks, spotify, youtube, or any other site that will work for you, or both.

Keep in mind that some people may be more comfortable with certain formats, so the more options you provide them, the better, but one is all we require.

If you are uploading it to 8tracks, spoitfy, youtube, etc.:
- Make a playlist. It's much easier for listening and voting, and it's not all that diffucult to do. Tutorials: YouTube, Spotify, 8tracks. (TBA)
- If a song in your mix isn't on one of these sites; please provide an alternate way of finding the song. This can be the artists' site, bandcamp, soundcloud, etc.

If you are uploading a .zip/.rar file:
- Try to avoid M4Ps, FLAC and WAV files. Certain programs have an inability to read WAV files and M4Ps are protected and thus inaccessible.

Here are some good(/two mod) examples following posting guidelines:

These are just the ways we know of uploading mixes so that they may be accessible. If you know of another and would like to share it, comment and it will be added to the post.

[I just need the handy little textbox for posting.]

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