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Round 33; Tolkien's Legendarium- Mairon

Fandom: Tolkien's Legendarium
Subject: Mairon (Sauron)
Title: Serpentine
Warnings/Notes: I really wanted to do a Mairon mix since I'm really obsessed with him at the moment. Only, I couldn't pick just one trope. So each song represents a different trope, but they all represent different aspects of Mairon. Also, FYI, my shipping preferences rather show here. I ship Mairon with both Melkor and Celebrimbor. There is a lot of metal in this mix because the genre suits Mairon, but there are some other things in here too.

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front cover
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Mairon: Mairon is a character from Tolkien's Middle Earth. Mairon was the original name of the being who became known as Sauron. Mairon is a Maia, which is a sort of demi-angel/demi-god. The Valar are the arch-angels/gods. Mairon originally served Aule, the craftsmen of the Valar. However, Mairon was always arrogant and had an obsession with order right from the beginning. Melkor, the evil Valar and main Big Bad of Middle Earth used this to seduce him. Mairon became Melkor's lieutenant and second in command. He served Melkor up until Melkor was captured by the other Valar and thrown into the Void, which is the emptiness beyond the edge of the world basically. Then Mairon takes over and continues their work.


Note: War Of Wrath, the 2nd track, is not on the 8-tracks link. They don't allow more than 2 songs by the same artist, so I took out the short spoken word one. It is in the zip file, though. And a link is here if you want to listen to that track:

Download link (I can upload to another site on request):

Black Chamber- Blind Guardian
War of Wrath- Blind Guardian
Forever- Kamelot
Ride Into Obsession- Blind Guardian
Serpentine- Disturbed
Weak Fantasy- Nightwish
Sauron- Cruachan
Eyes on Fire- Blue Foundation
The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence- Void of Silence
Howl- Florence + The Machine
The Strategy of Fear- Nine
Firestarter- Prodigy
The Prophecy- Howard Shore
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived- Weezer

Fallen Angel- Black Chamber- Blind Guardian

I am lost in the black chamber
There's no way to turn back
It takes me down forevermore
And death would be so sweet
I'm possessed by the old creature
Who has planned all
To take my soul
Too late for me
In my hands
It lies I thought
But I failed
Now he's in me

My soul is lost
In his black chamber

I'm gone

Mairon was a Maia of Aule, the craftsman of the Valar. Mairon was content to work in Aule’s forge until he met Melkor. Melkor convinced Mairon to come join him, and Mairon fell into darkness and became the Lieutenant of Melkor and later Dark Lord himself.

Dragon Ascendant- War of Wrath- Blind Guardian

Go now, my lord, while there is time
There are places below
And you know them too
I release thee, go
My servant you'll be for all time
As you command
My king

Sauron was the Dragon to Melkor until the end of the War of Wrath when Melkor is taken and thrown into the Void. Sauron becomes the Evil Overlord himself and continues in their work.

The Mourning After- Forever- Kamelot

Will you revive
From the chaos in my mind
Where we still are bound together
Will you be there
Waiting by the gates of dawn
When I close my eyes forever

I belong to you
You belong to me
It's the way things are
Always meant to be

My shipping bias is showing. But I do think Mairon mourned for Melkor after he was gone. We know he set up worship of Melkor in Numenor and among the Easterlings. And he named the battering ram he uses in Return of the King Grond after Melkor’s hammer.

The Corrupter- Ride Into Obsession- Blind Guardian

Come, I show you the end
You're dammed
Cause no one can defy me
Just watch these maddened creatures
Like you they all once reached out
A war to win
But I'm gonna burn this vision down

Mairon is the quintessential corruptor. Seduction is his primary mode of getting what he wants. We can see this in the One Ring with its power to corrupt, and we see this in Mairon’s interactions with Ar-Pharazon in Numenor and with Celebrimbor in Eregion. Marion comes to Celebrimbor in the guise of Annatar, the Lord of Gifts. He convinces Celebrimbor that he’s a Maia of Aule sent to give his skills and knowledge to the elves. He and Celebrimbor make the seven rings and the nine rings (which are eventually given to dwarves and men respectively). In secret Celebrimbor makes the Three (which are given to Galadriel, Gil-Galad, and Cirdan) and Mairon makes the One Ring. Celebrimbor stands against Mairon and is taken captive. Mairon tortures him to discover the location of the Three, and when Celebrimbor refuses to give them up he puts his body on pole to use as a banner to use in battle against the elves. This ship is made of Mind Games.

Consummate Liar- Serpentine- Disturbed

I was caught up in the moment
You were alone and
You seemed to harness the light
Even though I felt cold inside
When you told me it would be alright
I had given up control and
I didn’t focus hard enough to see
The warning signs
Your heart is serpentine

Mairon is also known as Sauron the Deciever. He was very good at telling people exactly what they wanted to hear. In his Annatar guise he convinced Celebrimbor that the best way to protect his people was to make the rings of power. In Numenor he convinced Ar-Pharazon and the other Numenorians (other than the Faithful who saw through his lies) that he could get them immortality. And The One Ring, too, as a part of Sauron's soul, tells people what they want to hear. Even Samwise Gamgee is shown a vision of what he wants most in the world, which turns out to be turning the whole world into a garden because that is just how awesome Sam is.

Religion of Evil- Weak Fantasy- Nightwish

These stories given to us all
Are filled with sacrifice and robes of lust
Dissonant choirs and downcast eyes
Selfhood of a condescending ape

Behold the crown of a heavenly spy
Forged in blood of those who defy
Kiss the ring, praise and sing
He loves you dwelling in fear and sin

Fear is a choice you embrace

Mairon sets up a religion in Numenor set around the worship of Melkor and involving human sacrifice. He claims that Melkor is the true god and will grant the men of Numenor immortality if he is freed from the Void. He claims that human sacrifice will reach Melkor's ears and aid in his escape. And eventually he tells the Numenorians that they should storm Valinor, the home of the Valar, and fight them and take immortality from them because they are the ones keeping what should rightly belong to men away from them. Basically, Mairon knew what the Numenorians wanted and convinced them that they could get it with his help.

>God Emperor</a>- Sauron-Cruachan</b>

From the south a shadow will rise,
With blackened soul and an evil eye.
He will bring his terror to the land,
Those who oppose shall fall by his hand.

In the land of Mordor - blackest of all,
He sits on his throne in his darkest hall.
There he will plot against the North,
His orcs and demons will issue forth.

Sauron rules from Mordor as a god. Eventually he takes Melkor’s role for himself and starts calling himself Melkor reborn. He spreads terror through the lands of Middle Earth. He wants to rule it all so he can impose order.

Names to Run Away From Really Fast- Eyes on Fire- Blue Foundation

I'll seek you out
Flay you alive
One more word and you won't survive
And I'm not scared
Of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour

I won't soothe your pain
I won't ease your strain
You'll be waiting in vain
I got nothing for you to gain

Mairon is named Sauron, the Abhorred, by the elves. He is also called Gorthaur, or Terrible Dread. Mairon himself only takes on the name Sauron after the fall of Numenor when he loses his fair form and is forced into a Dark Lord form that shows his inner self on the outside. He more than earns the name, though. He’s a fan of death and destruction and cold-blooded torture. In fact, he’s quite playful with the torture. He is a sadist who enjoys it, as we see in the discussion of Shelob and how Sauron would send her prey because he found it amusing.

Evil Genius- The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence- Void of Silence

I am the shade
of dark and spiteful hatred made
I am the shade
of dark and spiteful hatred made!
to haunt and lurk among the shallows
of the ghosts, the graves and the longing shadows
I am the one
lost from the gloried and garish sun
my fate sealed with the blood of men

Melkor may be in charge, but Mairon is the brains. One of the features of Mairon throughout Tolkien is that he may not be the physically strongest but he is by far the smartest. He outwits everyone, and he plans out everything in detail. He understands people and he figures out the best way to manipulate them into doing what he wants.

Our Werewolves are Different- Howl- Florence + The Machine

Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack
My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out
The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground

Sauron is also known as the Lord of Wolves. He just really loves wolves. His own personal fortress in the Silmarillion is Tol-in_Gaurhoth. And there he keeps his werewolves. His werewolves basically look like wolves except that they are intelligent. They are not men who turn into wolves but rather evil spirits in the form of a wolf. Sauron himself has a wolf form he can take on.

The Dreaded- The Strategy of Fear- Nine

An empty sky
Where birds won't fly
The world is caving in
Everything is left in ruins
Empty cavity
And the ground is crumbling
A strategy of fear
The strategy of fear

It is all right there in the name. Sauron, the Abhorred. One of Sauron’s go-to methods of breaking enemies is fear. He tries to terrify them so they know that it is futile to defy his will. His Nazgul, the nine ring wraiths who were originally men before they willingly took rings from Sauron, are manifestations of this aspect of Sauron. Their biggest power is in terrifying others.

Playing with Fire- Firestarter- Prodigy

I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter.
You're the firestarter, twisted firestarter.
I'm the self inflicted, mind detonator.
Yeah! I'm the one infected, twisted animator.
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter.

Mairon has always been associated with fire, right from when he was working in Aule’s forge. Throughout the Legendarium he continues to be tied in with fire. He build’s Mordor, near a volcano where he also makes his One Ring. And he even has fire-based powers. Sauron is said to be able to make his body hot enough to burn anyone he touches. That is the way Gil-Galad, the elven king during the battle where Sauron loses the One Ring, dies.

Soul Jar- The Prophecy- Howard Shore

The One Ring was created by Sauron to control the other rings of power in order to conquer Middle Earth. He put much of himself and his own power into the ring, so the ring is pretty much literally his soul jar. It is the reason he survives after his body is destroyed by Isildur (and probably why he survives Numenor as well). He can only ever be truly defeated if the ring is destroyed.

Fatal Flaw- The Greatest Man That Ever Lived- Weezer

I'm baddest of the bad
I'm the best that you've ever had
I'm the tops, I'm the king
All the girls get up when I sing
I'm the meanest in the place
Step up, I'll mess with your face
I don't care where you are
Look up and follow this star

Mairon’s fatal flaw is his arrogance. He genuinely believes he is the best thing ever. Of course he should rule the world. No one else could do better than him. He always thinks he knows better than everyone. Which is what leads to his downfall because the idea that anyone would best him never occurs to him, and the idea that anyone would want to destroy the One Ring never enters his mind.
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