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→ Vote for your THREE favourites
→ Please do not vote for your favourite character or show. Give everyone a fair chance.
→ Do not simply vote for your favourite songs/musicians, vote for how well they fit with the mix.
→ Please look over all the entries before voting.
→ Do not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

1. long way home
2. we could, and we might
3. no ordinary man.
4. In Our Time, In Our Blood
5. Serpentine
6. Love + Friendship (Pain + Suffering)

Vote in comments → comments are screened.

→ We ask that you give a reason for each of your votes. This is so that voting truly happens on the criteria of song choices/track listing.
→ Reasons can be anything, but they must apply to the mix. Here are some helpful voting tips.
→ Per the rules, everyone has provided a small description of their character; this is there for you to refer to when voting. :D
→ Use your judgement on what is a good vote. Please do not simply state "it was good" or "i liked the theme." We are looking for more detailed reasons. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. ohcaptain or hbics will try to answer them asap.
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