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Theme #6: Sign Ups

Think Dean would make a really interesting woman? Curious about what would be different about a male Cordelia? Or do you want to go for challenging and explore one of your favourite characters as somewhere else on the gender identity scale?

Round Specific Rules:
1. You can genderbend a single person, a pairing, a friendship or a group of people.
2. You do not necessarily have to 'flip' your person/pairing/groups' gender. You can for example take a pairing and make a male a female and a female agendered. There are no restrictions as long as the gender identity of your subject has been altered in some way.

1. No claims this round, but you do need to sign up in the comments.
2. All mixes must be at least 8 songs long and include front & back covers
3. The challenge officially begins on the 1st of August. You may not post your fanmix made for the theme until then.
4. The posting guidelines can be found here. Please follow them when posting!
5. You must post a short blurb/description of your subject within your post. This is to ease the voting process and so those not familiar with the fandom can better understand your mix.
6. Sign ups close if we reach 50 participants. If you signed up and did not post your mix last round without informing us of your need to drop out, you cannot sign up unless we have not reached 50 participants by August 1st. We are currently at 45/50.

Make sure you've read the rules and the FAQ. The contact-a-mod post is always open.

DEADLINE: 20th August
Voting will be up same day or as soon as possible.
Tags: !themes, round: #06
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